Jenni Dunman

Daisy First Aid

Former police officer and mother-of-three Jenni Dunman is franchisor of the UK-wide company Daisy First Aid, which provides family first aid classes in over 900 areas, and trains around 100,000 parents a year.

Jenni’s passion for first aid began after she was one of the first police officers on the scene of the July 2005 terrorist bombings in London and witnessed for herself the importance of basic emergency skills. She says her ‘lightbulb’ moment came some time later when she gave first aid to a choking toddler, and realised there were no companies offering first aid classes aimed specifically at parents.

Since its launch in 2014, Daisy First Aid has expanded into 94 franchise territories. Jenni – whose second child is disabled – also supports children’s charities through her work and is a speaker and advocate for flexible working.