A campaign that highlights inspiring female business leaders across the UK. Through events, content and story-telling, f:Entrepreneur showcases role models to help and inspire all small businesses.

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The f:Entrepreneur campaign and community is now in its sixth year of championing incredible female entrepreneurs.
It is a campaign to highlight, celebrate and promote inspiring female entrepreneurs and share their stories with press, policy makers and all entrepreneurs who can be inspired by their achievements.

In 2018, the campaign launched the #ialso100 showcasing 100 women from all over the UK who are living the #ialso life – a new approach to the “portfolio” career, taking on many roles, achieving in many different spheres of life and demonstrating that women are paving a new path for what entrepreneurship means.

Since its launch, the f:Entrepreneur community has significantly grown, with a record number of leaders applying each year. The search for the #ialso100 2024 will begin on 1st September 2023.

Inspiring. Supporting.

Through events, content and story-telling.


  • “Being invited to part of the f:Entrepreneur top 100 was an honour; not just for the fabulous event at the House of Lords but for the ongoing support, events and sense of community that followed. It has given me the confidence to keep building my business and to feel that, being part of this cohort of women founders, I am not alone on this entrepreneurial journey.”

    Lou Hamilton
    Lou Hamilton Silk Studios
  • "f:Entrepreneur will undoubtedly help you to shine, raise your profile, grow your following, get you PR that’s really worth having and campaign for things that are close to your heart and I can't recommend them enough. It has the power and influence to allow you to grow not just as an individual but also as globally recognised leader in your field."

    Sarah Ali Choudhury
    Sarah Ali Choudhury
  • "Being part of the f:Entrepreneur community has opened up so many amazing opportunities. As well as joining a wonderfully inspiring community of remarkable women who are contributing to remarkable changes in our country and communities, it’s almost been really instrumental in building my confidence, profile and business. Without the f:Entrepreneur, I doubt I’d have been invited to Downing Street, been awarded the Rising Star award in my industry or been included on the Northern Power Women Futures list."

    Clare Talbot-Jones
    Clare Talbot-Jones Talbot Jones
  • "Being part of f:Entrepreneur has been fantastic so far. Not only have I met some really driven and diverse female business owners, but the support in the group has been fantastic. It’s a positive group which has been especially important during these challenging few months and having events online means we can still be connected. I’d recommend anyone who runs a business and supports their wider community to apply - it sets you apart from the crowd and you won’t look back."

    Emma Mills Sheffield
    Emma Mills Sheffield Mindsetup
  • "I’ve really enjoy being part of the f:Entrepreneur community. I love the community events and meeting new and inspiring business owners."

    Jo Tocher
    Jo Tocher Jo Tocher Holistics
  • "Being part of this community not only creates opportunities for learning, but for connecting with a creative, fun and supportive group of inspiring and friendly women."

    Jane Galloway
    Jane Galloway Quiet The Hive
  • "It is such a pleasure and honour to be part of the #ialso community. The inspirational stories, and group support are so helpful and when you are having a bad day it is great to see their posts. It is useful to be able to put a post out and chat through issues with people, particularly during lockdown when it has been really difficult."

    Gillian Jones
    Gillian Jones Emerge
  • "I was truly honoured to an #ialso100. Not only was I invited to the House of Lords to celebrate, I got to connect with 99 amazing fellow female business owners around the UK. Volunteering is one of my core values so it’s fantastic that this campaign is spotlighting all the great work that is done alongside our businesses. I’ve recently connected with the 2020 ladies and look forward to building on this network of inspiring women in business."

    Jennifer Corcoran
    Jennifer Corcoran My Super Connector
  • "Being part of the f:Entrepreneur’s community has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn, make new connections, and raise my own brand profile. Grateful to be amongst inspirational women who are doing amazing things and inspire me believe it’s all possible!"

     Aarti Parmar
    Aarti Parmar
  • "f:Entrepreneur has been a fantastic community of like-minded business leaders and I am so please to be a part of it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the events that the team has organised. They have been honest, supportive and have helped me develop my skills as a business owner. Thanks Michelle and Karen!"

    Helen Cox
    Helen Cox Helen Cox Marketing
  • "I was absolutely thrilled to have been named as one of the #ialso100 class of 2020. It has linked me with 100's of brilliant entrepreneurial business women - some of whom I am already collaborating with. The events provide multiple opportunities to get to know one another and share ideas and knowledge of one another's businesses. And the sharing of our stories, showcasing of the 100 and general help and support from the f:Entrepreneur team is just amazing. I strongly recommend anyone considering applying for 2021 to do so - it's a great supportive group."

    Vicki Baumann
    Vicki Baumann Yoga With Vicki
  • "I have been fortunate to be a part of the amazing FE community since 2020. Besides the recognition and achievement of making it to the Top 100 #ialso list, for me it has been a safe space where everyone is genuinely so supportive of each other. I often struggled to fit myself into any specific award category but now I am proud to say that my category is that I am an #ialso. And I am sure this thought resonates with thousands of women across the country thus making campaigns like #ialso significant and path breaking."

    Minoti Parikh
    Minoti Parikh TPL Experiences
  • "Being part of the #ialso family has literally been life-changing! Not only do you receive the most awesome support from a fabulous team, but you also gain access to essential tools to help with your business growth. I have personally benefited from some great publicity and so grateful to f:Entrepreneur for opening so many doors!"

    Mandy Errington
    Mandy Errington DJV Boutique
  • "Through my participation in this community, I’ve been featured on the radio, in various publications and outlets, spoken on webinars, asked to work on new projects, collaborate on initiatives, and speak at events. I think that being a part of f:entrepreneur has been a life changing experience. I didn’t realise at the beginning of this process just how uplifting and powerful being part of the f:entrepreneur community would be for me as a person."

    Kathy Kyle Bonomini
    Kathy Kyle Bonomini DigiKind
  • "I feel so honoured to have joined this group of amazing, inspirational women. Friendly, supportive, so many opportunities to learn and connect with everyone it really is a great place to be. A global pandemic has not stopped us reaching each other, a reflection of the determination, power and resilience I see throughout this group. Thanks for having me, I am delighted to be here."

    Carly Hooper
    Carly Hooper Beeutiful
  • "Being an #ialso100 winner has be phenomenal. Meeting great like-minded networking ladies and the support and offer of help from the community is extremely welcoming especially when you’re a new business being here truly has its advantages."

    Jane Weller
    Jane Weller Clear Expression Masks
  • "The difference with f:Entrepreneur is the effort put in by the organisers to maintain and support the community. Subsequent cohorts of winners receive their well-deserved moment in the sun but we are all included in a wider collective group. There is an amazing level of interaction within the community, relevant expert led events and networking opportunities to encourage learning and collaboration. The events that were held during lockdown helped us all to remain positive in bleak looking times. I would absolutely recommend any business owner to apply for this award as receiving the accolade is only the beginning of such an invaluable exercise."

    Dee Gibson
    Dee Gibson Velvet Orange
  • "Having the opportunity to be a part of the #ialso100 group has been invaluable to me as a person as it has my business. As a small business owner, especially a stand-alone one, it’s really nice to see that someone outside your business that sees you, the person behind it, and your contributions that you make as an individual as a whole. Being part of this group has opened the door to some fantastic opportunities, not to mention giving access to other amazing members that can offer a whole wealth of knowledge not to mention a very welcoming ear when needed."

    Colleen Budd
    Colleen Budd Pole Emporium
  • "Being in the #ialso100 community has helped me face the pandemic with a different attitude.The F:Entrepreneur team were always available to support us with the latest updates regarding COVID-19 for Small Business Owners. Within the F:Entrepreneur community we can find experts in a variety of fields. I've recently partnered with another translator to talk about international communications for small businesses in one of our upcoming breakfasts over zoom."

    Jaquelina Guardamagna
    Jaquelina Guardamagna Spanish Translator London
  • "I have absolutely loved being part of the f:Entrepreneur #ialso100. This award has opened up so many doors for me- from meeting new connections and being inspired by the other members, to being able to attend all kinds of training that has improved my business in many ways to new customers reaching out after seeing me in some of the marketing from the campaign. I couldn't be happier to be part of such a fabulous group of women!"

    Dr. Helen Maffini
    Dr. Helen Maffini
  • "Being selected as one of the #ialso100 for 2022 was incredible, I felt seen and validated after putting so much work in to my business for the past 7 years. These past few years have been so tough for small business and f: entrepreneur gave me the boost I needed. A great community of amazing women."

    Jenny Blyth
    Jenny Blyth Storm In A Teacup
  • ''Being an #ialso 2022 winner has been THE most valuable recognition for my business and most importantly for me as an entrepreneur. The team provides world class business training and support for fellow winners. You never feel alone in the journey as you always belong to a loving and supportive community of fellow business owners. It has also opened doors to other opportunities related to my brand and resulted in business growth and PR opportunities.  I cannot recommend this fantastic recognition enough! Do it!''
    Paulomi Debnath
    Paulomi Debnath Handmade By Tinni
  • "I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected to be part of the f:entrepreneur #ialso campaign this year. It’s given me access to some amazing training, as well as the support offered by the Small Business Britain team. I have loved meeting other ladies on the programme and the opportunities to collaborate have been great, plus the opportunity to visit the House Of Lords for International Women's Day… wow! I wish I could apply again!"

    Kate Cohen
    Kate Cohen It's Our Planet Too
  • "I have loved being part of the #ialso100, I have met superb female entrepreneurs, made friends, got press coverage to feature my business and really enjoyed the day at the House of Lords. I would highly recommend applying for #ialso, it is good for business, for networking and a fantastic opportunity."

    Brigitte Spotten
    Brigitte Spotten The Puffin Gallery
  • "I was overwhelmed and so totally honoured to be chosen as one of the #ialso100 in 2022. Having spent many years building my own business and using it as a platform to reach out into the community it was so wonderful to be recognised for these achievements. Not being one to usually draw attention on myself, it was amazing to meet and mingle with a group of incredible women from all different backgrounds and industries and celebrate myself as an entrepreneur. #ialso100 has opened many new doors for me personally, and my business, and I'm so grateful and proud to be part of it! The team behind it are incredible and I can't thank them enough!"
    Kathryn Hibberd-Little
    Kathryn Hibberd-Little The Mug Tree Tea Room
  • "Since successfully being included in the f:Entrepreneur campaign in 2022, the opportunities which Small Business Britain offer are amazing. I've been exposed to the House of Lords, met key influencers at eBay, been offered speaking opportunities, been able to join policy makers and other influencers and PR opportunities. I love all the support which Small Business Britain provides for businesses and you get to join such an amazing group of life-minded entrepreneurs.  I would highly recommended taking the time to apply - it's literally life-changing!"

    Celia Gaze
    Celia Gaze The Wellbeing Farm

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