Youmna Mouhamad

Youmna is the founder of Myana Naturals and Nyfasi Deluxe Detangler. Youmna is an award-winning scientist who was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship and is among the [...]

Yolande De Vries

Yolande is a photographer specialising in brand portraits and personal branding photography and works predominantly with female business owners. Yolande has been a photographer for more than 20 [...]

Titilolami Bello

Titilolami is the founder of Ori Lifestyle, offering natural hair care products and courses, adopting a holistic approach to hair care through education and well researched products. Titilolami’s [...]

Tigz Rice

Tigz is an empowering portrait photographer based in Hertfordshire that encourages people to reconnect with their bodies, level up their body confidence and become more visible both in their [...]

Tiffany Chiu

Tiffany is the founder of Juliemay Lingerie, the UK’s only allergy-friendly underwear brand which provides garments for people who suffer from eczema and skin allergies caused by contacting [...]

Tessa Robinson

Tessa is the founder of Club Hub, the largest children’s activities directory in the UK providing activity providers with an essential platform to promote their businesses to parents and carers. [...]

Suzi Payton

Suzi supports neurodivergent people to feel confident, calm and in control of their lives by empowering them be their true, authentic, and unapologetic selves through a blend of coaching and [...]

Susana Teixeira

Susana is the founder of PrimaBerry, a sustainable British brand selling its own clothing and accessories for women, men and kids, inspired by travelling and diversity. Susana moved to the UK [...]

Susan Payton

Susan is the founder of The Business of Stories, helping entrepreneurs use storytelling in their business and has written a best-selling book on the subject. Susan was diagnosed with ME in 2006 [...]

Stephanie Ward

Stephanie is the founder of Stephanie Ward Online Business Services and offers online business services to entrepreneurs, most of whom are neurodivergent. Stephanie does everything in-house that [...]