Denise O’Leary

Purpol Marketing

Denise O’Leary founded Purpol Marketing in 2014. Purpol is a ‘home-based’ service business, offering brand, marketing and bid strategy consultancy specialising in the manufacturing and construction industries. They also offer marketing support to numerous micro business owners through focused mentoring and online training. Denise is passionate about challenging the diversity balance within construction and was recently a headline speaker again at UK Construction Week, The Women in Construction Summit in London and for the 3rd Year running and was a key influencer and speaker at the Big 5 Construction Expo in Dubai in November 2019.

Denise provides marketing and export mentoring and supports numerous interns and work experience students. Purpol’s mantra is to help clients win more, more often. When they help companies win, whether large or small, they are creating positive change to the lives of so many and that reward is far greater, and far more important, than any other.