Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews

Pink Spaghetti

Caroline Gowing and Vicky Matthews started Pink Spaghetti PA Services from a kitchen table in 2009 and then franchised the business in 2012. They now employ a team in Mid Cheshire running the original territory, the top earning territory in the network, and a franchise support team for the 38 franchisees now in business across the country. Pink Spaghetti PA Services is a network of highly trained virtual assistants who predominantly support female small business owners in their amazing businesses (and at home too), with tasks that are repetitive, tasks they do not know how to do, or do not want to do.

Caroline and Vicky have mentored many business start-ups through the steps critical to building a solid business foundation. They support a local charity, the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust, and are active in fundraising and events.  Vicky finds time to be heavily involved in girls’ sport, captaining a local tennis team for under 14s. They believe in making the most of people, in the power of flexibility in the work place and how delegating will make your business grown faster by having more time doing what YOU are great at.