f:Entrepreneur Breakfast Series – Money Mindset

The latest f:Entrepreneur #ialso breakfast event focused on money, and in particular our money mindset.

It was a fascinating morning led by the wonderful Faye Watts, one of our #ialso100, founder of FUSE Accountants and someone who is dedicated to working with female business owners on their money issues.

When speaking to our guests around the table, it became apparent that everybody had a money story and that our money beliefs were ingrained from childhood. Those ever-popular phrases loved by our parents were prevalent: “money doesn’t grow on trees” and the classic, “being rich doesn’t make you happy.”

Faye discussed these beliefs with us and how these can shape our relationship with money in our adult life. We spoke at length about experiences, shared stories about our money habits and how there seems to be a preconception that women are nervous around money and can under sell themselves as a result.

This is all to do with the stories we tell ourselves: “if women aren’t meant to be very good with money, then I don’t have to be,” “I’m crap with money, I’ll let somebody else deal with it.”

A few women around the table put their hands up and admitted their unease when talking about money, especially to clients, and Faye led us on a fabulous exercise about body language, speech and attitude when speaking to clients and demonstrated how subtle shifts can make an impactful difference.

Being clear in what you are asking for is key as is confident, assertive body language and not cowering into ourselves due to our unease of the topic.

There seemed to be a shared sense of dread when we spoke about putting our prices up or telling a new client our worth and our participants shared their ideas of why this was. The key is knowing our self-worth and the value in what we offer – as if we don’t believe in it, how do we expect our clients to?


We each shared experiences and insight into how we can tackle this going forwards, led by Faye, and shifted our mindsets into a positive one about money.

We all agreed that money allows freedom and choice which are two incredibly powerful things as business owners. This is choice to do other things, to live the #ialso life and to be in control of how we spend our time and channel our expertise.

People also discussed the fact that money is also a pathway to getting doors opened and many saw it as a key factor to their growing success as more opportunities would present themselves.

As Faye herself said, “people think money is my driver because of what I do – it isn’t. It’s what money can allow me to do that is my passion.”

This resonated with our attendees and many shared their stories of how money has also allowed them to do many more things that they are passionate about and that sit within their values.

It was a hugely thought-provoking event and a big thank you to Faye for hosting it so well – so much to think about!

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