f:Entrepreneur Breakfast Series: Let’s Talk Writing A Book

Do you have a book waiting to be written? We recently hosted a fab breakfast session led by #ialso100 Leila Green, founder of Known Publishing all about the power, as small business owners, of writing a book. Leila has kindly written a blog for us about this very topic!

I’m on a bit of a mission to get as many women as possible to use their voices and share their wisdom. I know, we’re culturally conditioned to play small and not speak up and all the rest of it, and I’m just as guilty of this as the next woman.

Turning your expertise into a book is an absolute game-changer for entrepreneurs. It takes your business to a whole new level. Our authors not only enjoy telling everyone they are “bestselling authors” but also raise their prices, start waiting lists, get paid to speak at events they used to pay to attend and a crucially have a steady stream of leads from the book into their business for years.

So I feel passionately that more female entrepreneurs should be putting their amazing wisdom out there in book form and enjoying the rewards on both a personal and business level. More books are written by men than women and publications that review books feature more books by men than by women. Women are missing out.

So what’s going wrong? In my experience working with female authors for over 15 years, often they struggle to see the true value of their experience, insight, knowledge and wisdom. It’s like the proverbial wallpaper that they see so often that they don’t really notice. It upsets me when they say things like “Would anyone be interested in reading what I have to say?” and I’m here to tell you YES, they would. Not only that but get this right and they’ll want to come and work with you afterwards and recommend your business to others. It’s such a powerful marketing tool.

Your book is just the beginning of a long-term relationship with your reader. No other format gives you hours and hours of uninterrupted attention with a would-be client. You have time to build trust, make the reader feel understood and supported and then give them some really helpful advice or teaching that will make a difference to their lives in the real world. The reader should leave the book feeling like they have got to know you, know what it feels like to work with you and are ready to learn more from you.

All of this involves skills women naturally have: empathy, communication, building trust and relationships, nurturing the reader on their journey and a desire to genuinely help.

If you’ve been thinking about writing your book for a while but have had some barriers to actually getting it done, now is the time. On May 12th I’m kicking off AUTHORity, a group program to write a book that will grow your authority, impact and business in just 90 days.

For more details message me on Linkedin or Instagram. Let’s get some more amazing female voices out there.