f:Entrepreneur #ialso Breakfast Series – Let’s Talk Confidence

We welcomed a new year with a fantastic new #ialso 100 filled with amazing women smashing their #ialso life. Our first breakfast event focused on confidence and what it means to us; it was a fascinating morning.

It was great to welcome 30 fantastically inspiring women around the table at our first f:Entrepeneur #ialso event for 2020! Led by our very own Mich Ovens, the topic was confidence and how our levels all fluctuate and what we can do to support each other.

It quickly became apparent that a lot of women in the room experience both confidence and a lack of confidence in almost equal measure, and that the simplest of things can hugely rock us.

We started by talking about a time where we felt superhero confident and all the things that led to us feeling like that – where we were, what we were doing, how we felt and how others made us feel. People spoke about a great work or personal success, a time that just everything came together and how it made them feel exceedingly happy, content and that they could take on the world.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also shared stories of when we felt not so confident and experiences that have severely impacted our daily lives. We shared stories discussing school bullying, hurtful workplace comments, as well as how we have perhaps been unfairly treated in our early professional lives.

The way we are treated and spoken to can severely impact our confidence in later life and one simple comment can immediately see us revert back to our younger, less-confident selves where we feel vulnerable and not good enough.

Although it was hard to hear these stories coming from SUCH amazing women, what was so encouraging was to hear that these women have used these experiences to learn and grow and be the people they are today. It was hugely empowering to see the support, encouragement and belief each and every person had for the other – it takes a village after all. It was a hearty reminder that we all need to be mindful on how we can work together to help the next generation be more confident and ensure we are all being visible and aware of those around us.

Having support, someone to hear you when needed and knowing that you are not alone when feeling unconfident can really help and this wonderful event just cemented that. And always remember that if you’re ever feeling low in confidence, you ALWAYS have a community here that has your back (us!).

Thanks to everyone that attended and for all your energy, honestly and contribution. How great to have you in our 2020 gang! And don’t forget, we set you a bit of homework! You were challenged to do three things: help someone, learn and skill and meet someone new. How are you getting on?