FE Webinar Series: Successful & Sustainable

Sustainability is at the heart of many small businesses who are making large and small changes to be more sustainable. In this webinar, we heard from 3 incredible female business owners about their businesses, their sustainability journeys, their tips and insights as well as answering your questions.

Beccy Dickson
Beccy is the founder of Branded Biophilia which installs and maintains living walls and biophilic solutions for commercial and domestic situations across the UK. Their product improves air quality, promotes carbon sequestration and increases energy efficiency, biodiversity and green aesthetics and can be leasable, freestanding and portable. They also provide businesses with the option of sustainable advertising for their brand.

Rondi Allan
Rondi is the founder of Sustainable X, a sustainability consultancy which supports small businesses in their business sustainability. Rondi is a board advisor at the Global Chamber of Commerce to support small businesses’ established networks and build their business in the global community and is involved with Female Founders Network, offering advice and support to female-led businesses.

Eleni Polychroniadou
Eleni is the co-founder of Sintali, which has a clear mission: to ensure every building on this planet is green. Sintali acts as an independent third party and validates sustainability claims made about buildings ensuring companies, governments and financial institutions are genuinely making progress against ambitious climate commitments. Eleni also runs an online platform aimed at translating climate science into tangible actions.

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