FE Webinar Series – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome can affect everyone at times and can impact our growth and happiness both personally and in business. We hosted a very special webinar where we discussed what imposter syndrome is, why so many of us experience it, how to identify it and, importantly, how to overcome it with our hosts Jane Galloway and Julie Begbie.

Jane Galloway
Jane is the Founder of Quiet the Hive, helping you identify a life you love, & arming you with the toolkit & confidence to go get it. She is a wearer of big jewellery, a stationery addict & sea dip lover. She’s also Mum to two lush boys & lives near a wood in Surrey. Her award-nominated programme of transformation, Awakening Women’s Lives, is open now.

Julie Begbie
Julie’s business Happy Side Hustle is aimed at empowering individuals, particularly women, to forge their own paths to success and happiness through side hustles. Currently, it’s a robust platform, boasting a reach that extends globally, touching thousands of eager and enterprising members. The core audience is an amalgamation of aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned business enthusiasts, and everyone in between, offering a rich diversity in experiences and perspectives.

Please watch the webinar here

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