Darshana’s #ialso Story

I also really resonates with me as it is a link between all the things that I get up to – I have never been one for a dull life!

I don’t use it each time someone speaks to me as I try to keep the conversation relevant to what the other person would like to know about me, but often times when I am delivering a speech or sending across my profile to a journalist, I have to include ‘I also’.

As a co-founder and director of Verve Rally, my role extends into steering the company and bringing unique experiences that get our participants coming back for more, building a brand and keeping an eye on the delivery.

I also am the founder of Verve Charity Gala which raises funds for charities such as Make A Wish Foundation. Make a Wish create memorable experiences in the lives of terminally ill children and their families and anything that brings joy to someone’s heart, lifts up my spirits and gets me immensely motivated.

Besides this, one day a week I also to mentor businesses and either join them in the capacity of an advisor or give a keynote speech at business events. I like to keep abreast with things and be able to share my knowledge and skills developed over the years with other businesses or firms and help them succeed further.

And lastly with my economics background, I also comment on BBC News, The Breakfast Show often in the matters such UK’s budget, election and fiscal policies barring the last TV appearance which was on Channel 4’s drama – The Posh Frock Shop – which was half an episode on how I chose my dress for the charity. Off my usual topic, but a whole lot of fun!

And when I get a break from all of the above, I also spend my time researching and managing my investments. I am hands on and try to review portfolio every month.

I love that I am surrounded by other inspiring female entrepreneurs and in my experience majority of them do fall under the tag of ‘I also’. Female entrepreneurs are waking up to the fact that the world is their oyster. Match your skillsets with technology, dedication with strategy and you have the right mix to create the life you want.  We are already seeing a rise of female entrepreneurs making waves across industries. And if you ask me, the best way to predict your future is to create it.

The way I manage spinning all the plates comes down to four important things:

Time management

When taking on projects, I estimate how much time each will take and I’m not afraid to say no if my plate is full. Knowing your and the team’s capacity is the key.

The art of delegation

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen my counterparts make is trying to do everything by themselves,  then getting overwhelmed and having a nervous breakdown which in affects the entire project at hand.

It is important to have support. Once you have that support it is important to be able to chunk down the project and delegate it to the team so that they are not overwhelmed. Holding their hand if they are struggling or helping them find a solution if they are stuck.  One of my favourite quotes is – “how do you eat an elephant? Answer: A bite at a time.”

It is important that you are able to explain the role clearly to those in your team and have accountability meetings to gauge where they are. Teamwork makes things so much easier but just delegating does not mean one’s work is over as the overall accountability still stays with you.

Creating a link that can help you leverage

My business Verve Rally is linked to Verve Charity Gala. One is a travel-based product whereas the other is a contribution-based product. However they both have an overlap of target market, which helps both these ventures. I’ve created a structure such that my efforts link back to one another.

Support structure and fun

Investing in relationships that matter has allowed me to have a wonderful support structure around me. I am one of those people who the more fun I have, the more incentivised I am to work hard. It all becomes worth it when you spend time and celebrate with those you love.

I personally love having more than one role. I believe in choice, I believe in expression and I believe in enjoying the full spectrum of life and so if one can do more, be more, contribute more – they should. With each role there is a learning curve and the more you do, the more learn, and the more you grow.

I have learnt so much through the different roles I have embarked on in the last decade of my life. Some experiences were good, some not quite as good however, I can positively say that it has enriched my life, made me more fulfilled and the not afraid of any challenge that may come my way.

Another quote that comes to mind:  “To know but not to do, is not yet to know.” Tao (Zen Philosophy).

Darshana Ubl is the co-founder of Verve Rally and founder of  Verve Charity Gala.