Cecilia’s #ialso Story

The worst advice that somebody has ever given me is to “focus only on one thing, be practical…just focus on your day job.”

I have so many interests and life goals so just focusing on one job would not be fulfilling or allow me to grow personally and professionally. Focusing on one job would allow me to leverage my different talents to make positive contributions to numerous initiatives.

For the last 20 years I have worked in banking and technology. In addition to working, by day, at an investment bank, I also am the founder and managing partner of WalkingRed. WalkingRed is a mobile beauty, fitness and wellness service.  WalkingRed comes to your home, workplace, event or anywhere that is convenient for our clients. In addition to providing an amazing offering for our clients, WalkingRed also provides a platform for our service providers build their brand, live their passion and take their careers to the next level.

Many of my friends have said that I am the Oprah of Technology because I am passionate about demonstrating how technology can help people to be more productive in their personal and professional lives. This passion led to me to launching Tech Women Today (TWT).  TWT is an organisation that seeks to connect, inspire and advance women in technology and non-technical female entrepreneurs. TWT is a resource providing content, events and training that helps women in technology to advance in their careers and helps non-technical female entrepreneurs understand how to leverage technology in order to grow their businesses.

I also work on an initiative called Ladies Who Launch Global (LWLG). LWLG inspires women to launch their own businesses, provides inspiration for those on the entrepreneurial journey and recognises women that are navigating that tough journey and realizing success.

I also contribute articles and speak at conferences with topics focused on technology, women in banking, and women supporting other women.  If women are going to advance in the workplace and in business, women need to support other women.

I try to ensure that every business or project that I am associated with is giving women a platform for their voices to be heard.  I also agree with Madeline Albright’s statement that “there is a special place in hell for women that do not support other women.” There is nothing more rewarding than to celebrate the success of other women and I intend to let the celebrations continue.

Cecilia Harvey is the founder and managing partner of Walking Red.

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