Anja – Anja Potze

Anja Potze moved to England from the Netherlands when she was just 21. At first, she worked for a small number of high end jewellers, including five years with London-based Asprey & Garrard Group, where her customers included the late Baroness Thatcher amongst other notable names. In 1994, Anja struck out alone and founded Anja Potze Fine Jewellery, specialising in jewellery made from certified diamonds and the finest Tahitian, South Sea and cultured pearls, which she buys from reputable suppliers all around the world. Anja herself takes great pride in being one of Worcester’s independent traders and has immersed herself in all things, Worcester.

At Anja Potze Fine Jewellery, we are extremely pro-active with the local community in Worcester and beyond, and we like to do a little bit extra for our local residents. We are always involved in fundraising for local and national charities; Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven, St Richards Hospice, Acorns, Prince’s Trust and Be Epic. Anja works closely with Worcester Cathedral, promoting and supporting their position within the community.

Our growth as a business is improving year on year, and with this growth, our position within our community grows stronger. We are a small business with big ideas, and we aim to stay ahead of the curve in all areas. Anja is a well-known and well-liked individual within the community here, and has a passion for nurturing the relationships she has made with residents, business owners, societies, schools, charities and the local council.