FE Webinar Series: Understanding Neurodiversity In Business

Did you know that it is believed that one in five of us could be Neurodivergent? That means you are very likely to work with someone who is, or perhaps you are yourself. In this very special webinar, we unmasked Neurodiversity and heard from three successful Neurodivergent business leaders about the reality, the misconceptions, how to work with Neurodivergent people to empower their strengths and support their challenges in the best way.

Lisa Kerr
Lisa is the founder of ADHD Brain Coach which sits within herConsulting with Kerr business, based in Worthing,West Sussex. Lisa is passionate about working with people to develop strategies to overcome challenges associated with ADHD and help them reach their personal, academic and professional goals.

Suzi Payton
Suzi supports neurodivergent people to feel confident, calm and in control of their lives by empowering them be their true, authentic, and unapologetic selves through a blend of coaching and comedy. Suzi educates about ADHD and autism through her YouTube channel, podcast and training/speaking.

India Marshall-Roads
India is the founder of Bottle Bazaar, which has two strands: bespoke labelled wine and the Bottle Bazaar Wine Club subscription. Alongside her love of wine, India is an avid networker and speaks about neurodiversity, her ADHD and autism and why so many neurodivergent women go on to start their own businesses.

Please watch the webinar here

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